Guidelines for Author

Khayaban Journal is dedicated to maintaining the utmost excellence in scholarly publishing. To ensure the highest quality and uniformity, authors submitting their work to Khayaban journal are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

1) Submission Verification: Authors who are PhD scholars must provide a certificate and a supervisor's signature, affirming that they have independently reviewed and edited their submitted article.

2) Article Deadlines:  Articles for Spring Jan-Jun Issue must be submitted on or before 30th March and articles for Autuman July-December Issue must be Submitted on or before 31th September.

3) General Instruction:

  • Khayaban in an Urdu research and critical inquiry journal in which unpublished research articles in the context of Urdu Language and Literature are treated.
  • All articles in Khayaban are published according to the rules and regulations set by HEC.
  • All articles go through peer review process before publishing which could take two to three months.
  • Articles after sending for publications in Khayaban must not to be sent anywhere else for publishing before getting known about acceptance or rejection.
  • The mentioned category for Khayaban in HEC list is Urdu. So scholars of other disciplines do not bother sending articles.
  • Articles not discussing Urdu language or literature and written about any other language / subject in Urdu are not acceptable.
  • Articles discussing Urdu language or Literature but not written in Urdu are not acceptable.
  • Do not send translation or creative writings like Ghazals, Nazm etc.
  • Before sending articles take care of these matter.
  • Send your Articles On Khayaban’s E-mail:

4) Plagiarism Report: Authors are required to submit their articles along with a plagiarism report. Plagiarism checks are essential to maintaining the integrity of our publication.

5) Publication Fee: Khayaban Journal charges a publication fee of PKR 20,000 for articles to be permanently and continuously published. This fee should be deposited into the university's designated account, the details of which are provided below:

  • Journal: Khayaban Journal
  • Account Number: 3465307000000722
  • Bank: Faysal Bank

6) Payment Confirmation: Authors should email a copy of the payment receipt along with their article on email: Please note that the publication fee is non-refundable.

7) Formatting Guidelines: Authors are required to strictly adhere to the following Khayaban Journal's formatting guidelines:

    • Articles must be in soft form in MS word.
    • Articles must be accompanied with abstract in English.
    • Write the complete address and contact details.
    • Attach an affidavit in which clearly mention that the article in not printed or copied.
    • Do no put fancy lines, word art, signs and stars in the article.
    • Write Key words at the end of the Abstract.
    • Title of Article: Jameel Noori Nastaleeq, Font 18.
    • Contributors Name(s): Times New Roman, Font 14.
    • Abstract Title: Times New Roman, Font 14 (Capital Letters).
    • Abstract Text: Times New Roman, Font 12.
    • Article Text: Jameel Noori Nastaleeq, Font 14.
    • References: Should be formatted with a 0.8-inch right margin and a 0.8-inch left margin.
    • Poetry: Should be formatted with a 1.2-inch right margin and a 1.3-inch left margin.
    • Page Size: A4.
    • Page Margins: Top 1.77 inches, Left 1.61 inches, Right 1.61 inches, Bottom 1.85 inches.

Note: References should be placed at the end of the research paper. Please avoid using footnotes or endnotes for references.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Director, Khayaban

Professor Dr. Robina Shaheen

Department of Urdu,

University of Peshawar